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Walk In’s Welcome

Abortion Options & Counseling Provided by The Pregnancy Resource Center
of Greater Hazleton

So your plan didn’t include getting pregnant…The PRC understands that realizing
you’re pregnant can be frightening. That’s why we cater to your needs.

All of our services are free and confidential.

Abortion Information

Faced with a pregnancy that you were not expecting? You have difficult decisions ahead of you so the smartest thing to do is get all the facts up front.

Options Counseling

We at the Center understand that at this time in your life you just need to take a moment and think about how a pregnancy could impact you as you see life.

Contact The Center

The Center is an excellent place to find out how to get the assistance you need. Just make an appointment or walk in and meet with an advocate who can discuss your situation with you.

You Have Options

You have options but might not understand them fully. What is abortion? What is it like? Are you even pregnant and how can you be sure?

It’s questions like these where the PRC of Greater Hazleton can help. Every women’s situation is different and every woman deserves to have information about all her choices in order to make the best decision possible. We are not here to tell you what to do, just to help you think it through.

Real Options. The Real You. Completely Confidential.